Welcome to Wonderhell

I noticed I posted some of my works before properly introducing myself. My name is Artemis. Yes, Artemis, and that is all. I have no last or middle name to distinguish myself from the other Artemises in this infinite universe. I am simply Artemis. You may find yourself wondering what I’m about. To be frank, there isn’t much to this average life of mine.

I was born in 1993 and spent my childhood in Houston, TX. I was a starry-eyed girl with an insatiable thirst for understanding. Understanding became the purpose for my life, as knowledge stopped being sufficient. Knowledge is the factual information we collect from textbooks, hear in lecture halls, and watch on National Geographic. However, knowledge is only the first steps to a quest for understandingAnd understanding varies. It depends entirely on perspective, on not only what we see, but how we see it, and what it ultimately means in the scheme of our lives. 

My works, presented in various mediums as this page progresses, are my understandings, my stories, full of all of my greatest joys as well as my deepest sorrows. Over time, you will become increasingly more intimate with me, as I will with you, mystery reader. This is the viewfinder into my life. Welcome to Wonderhell. 


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Wonderhell

    1. Wonderhell is our world in an honest light, not sugar coated or painted in a more favorable manner. There is a little piece of Wonderhell I think in every one of our lives, something awful that fascinates us, nonetheless. I will eventually share the stories that made me who I am and hope to hear responses from people who have experienced similar moments of darkness. Thank you for asking. And thank you for reading.

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