3 thoughts on “The Roar of Thunder

  1. i found this article to be very helpful to relate to. i struggled a countless amount of weeks in an extreme depression due to a close friend of mine and her quick heroin addiction. she used to be a receptionist at a rehab hospital who fell in love with an addict with one arm due to a heroin problem. she continued to love him and tried to keep him clean untill he relapsed on pills and shortly after heroin, and brought her down with him. for moths they were junkies and continued to buy heroin from the streets of camden new Jersey and Philadelphia. she continued to live in a well rounded house with two great patents and a brother who all had great jobs and a great attitudes. she eventually got fired from her job and continued her habbit while somehow slipping under the radar of her parents. she finally told me of her heroin use and it literally flipped my perspective of the world 180°. she eventually stoped her heroin use due to the boyfriend cheating on her which left her with no supply. even though she is 1 year clean she says she would never use again due to my strong opinion on the substance. however there is always that chance that she may be just saying that to quiet me.
    to this day heroin haunts me because iv seen it take a persons inner spirit in which i am inspired by. the thoughts constantly repeat in my mind about how a college grad with a great life could love a 1 armed junkie. this continued and still continues to make no sense to me. however to cope with my depression i would write some songs on how i could understand her perspective. iv been through countless hours of therapy, and as of today i am seeking help for that depression and i must say im doing emotionally well after a year of struggling. articles like this help non drug user like me to not feel alone.

    1. I’m so glad that this piece could give you some peace of mind. You are never alone in that experience. There are many more people who are affected either directly or indirectly every day. It’s sad, but it’s reality. Thank you for reading!

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